Radiant: Offline Battle Arena - Core Set

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Jump into ROBA with the core set!

With over 150 cards inside, this product has everything needed for two players to start playing right away.

This product contains:

  • 9 Heroes - Colorful champions to command in battle. Each hero comes with a 10-card skill deck including a powerful Ultimate card.
  • 5 Deities - Ancient and mysterious beings that command the fundamental forces of the world. Kill your opponent's deity to win the game!
  • 9 Items - Equip your heroes with the finest swords, sturdiest shields and rarest artifacts to ensure victory
  • 7 Conduits - Places of power that must be protected at all costs!
  • 60 Tokens - Easily keep track of damage and resources
  • Full Color Rulebook - Learn to play quickly and easily

Enter the arena today!